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151The Railway Man€ 187.55726.6542014WWE
152Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot€ 182.6822018SEA
153HHhH (The Man with the Iron Heart)€ 182.63124.3032017PAR
154Nowhere Boy€ 182.00027.0002010AFD
155Diana€ 179.41824.9372013CNA
156The Hurricane€ 179.24338.0002000WWE
157The Young Victoria€ 178.00028.0002009PAR
158Il divo (The Deity)€ 176.00025.0002009CM
159Miss Potter€ 176.00027.0002007WWE
160Der Baader Meinhof Komplex€ 175.00025.0002008AFD
161Open Water€ 175.00025.0002004IF
162Sophie Scholl - Die Letzten Tage€ 174.00027.0002005CM
163Loving€ 173.46024.5132017UPI
164The Wolfpack€ 167.33921.3952015PER
165Wild Romance€ 167.00027.0002006IF
166Neruda€ 153.31420.4032016IMA
167Desert Flower€ 152.00023.0002010CNA
168Big Eyes€ 150.57120.7242015CNA
169Che: Part One€ 150.00022.0002009WBU
170The Lost City of Z€ 148.59920.0602017SEA
171Janis: Little Girl Blue€ 147.53318.8632016ONB
172Jane€ 142.62318.1262017PER
173Vincere€ 142.00021.0002010CM
174Only the Brave€ 141.9232018IF
175Hyde Park on Hudson€ 141.50621.0812013BFD
176The Iceman€ 140.90420.8962013DFW
177Becoming Jane€ 140.00026.0002007AFD
178Mao's Last Dancer€ 139.00020.0002010WBU
179Race€ 134.17419.0662016WWE
180Freedom Writers€ 134.00020.0002007UPI
181Kaze tachinu (The Wind Rises)€ 129.91217.2922014LUM
182Ouwehoeren€ 128.10817.1402011AFD
183Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool€ 125.7882018SPL
184Whitney€ 123.8742018WWE
185Life€ 123.67616.9462015WWE
186Unga Astrid (Becoming Astrid)€ 123.0882018SEP
187Ya tayr el tayer (The Idol)€ 122.44217.6992016SEP
188Moneyball€ 122.14817.3392011SPR
189The Assassination of Richard Nixon€ 120.00019.0002005IF
190Denial€ 118.82416.9542017WWE
191Nirgendwo in Afrika (Nowhere in Africa)€ 117.00021.0002003AFD
192Trumbo€ 115.65016.7892016SEP
193Lone Survivor€ 115.61414.0422014WDS
194The Imposter€ 114.40315.2202013IMA
195Foxcatcher€ 110.86917.3012015AFD
196Shine a Light€ 109.00015.0002008WWE
197La conquête (The Conquest)€ 108.97515.4872011BFD
198The Sapphires€ 107.82216.8922013PAR
199Copying Beethoven€ 106.00017.0002007BFD
200Infamous€ 102.00018.0002007BFD


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