Genre: Sport

1Space Jam€ 3.172.757569.995WB
2The Karate Kid€ 2.955.129394.8121997SPR
3Cars€ 2.620.729469.5372010BVI
4Cars 3€ 2.585.544342.1122006WDS
5De marathon€ 2.476.098297.0342017BFD
6Creed II€ 2.154.959223.9902012WB
7De hel van '63€ 2.070.829269.4492019WWE
8Point Break€ 1.549.649287.1522009CTF
9All Stars€ 1.511.562298.6581991PFED
10Herbie: Fully Loaded€ 1.412.263227.8251997BVI
11Jerry Maguire€ 1.399.943244.0412005CTF
12Snow Dogs€ 1.306.000230.0001997BVI
13Million Dollar Baby€ 1.150.791162.2652002AFD
14In Oranje€ 1.130.880192.8932005AFD
15Creed€ 919.634112.3442004WB
16Surf's Up€ 776.000121.0002016SPR
17Ali€ 748.000105.0002007WWE
18Racing Stripes€ 671.000116.0002002IF
19Le grand bain (Sink or Swim)€ 642.15377.4442005CPF
20Real Steel€ 502.21065.3482019WDS
21I, Tonya€ 463.98563.6472011SEA
22Fighting€ 436.00058.0002018UPI
23Wimbledon€ 409.00060.0002009UIP
24Rocky Balboa€ 403.00056.0002004FOX
25Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story€ 401.00069.0002007WWE
26Rush€ 389.14953.0782006IF
27Invictus€ 365.00050.0002013WB
28Cinderella Man€ 325.00050.0002010BVI
29Driven€ 321.00051.0002005WB
30The Peanut Butter Falcon€ 299.43336.6662001SEA
31Air Bud€ 292.68870.0002019WWE
32The Fighter€ 290.72243.2801998AFD
33Southpaw€ 285.71237.6042011WWE
34Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story€ 285.00046.0002015FOX
35Any Given Sunday€ 283.15948.0002004WB
36Goal!€ 271.00044.0002000BVI
37Playing for Keeps€ 266.13935.6202005DFW
38Ice Princess€ 253.00041.0002012BVI
39Remember the Titans€ 243.00041.0002005BVI
40Two for the Money€ 238.00035.0002001IF
41The Wrestler€ 229.00033.0002006WBU
42Fighting with My Family€ 215.01427.6832009UPI
43Hooligans€ 201.00032.0002019WWE
44Blades of Glory€ 190.00028.0002005UPI
45Battle of the Sexes€ 187.83626.0522007FOX
46Bend It Like Beckham€ 180.00032.0002017AFD
47The Hurricane€ 179.24338.0002002WWE
48Eddie the Eagle€ 170.68124.6642000FOX
49Touching the Void€ 155.00026.0002016AFD
50Warrior€ 153.87923.1362004WWE


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