Genre: Thriller

501Wind River€ 575.74075.8242017SEA
502Overdrive€ 575.46974.0402017IF
503Smokin' Aces€ 571.00083.0002007UPI
504Romeo Must Die€ 569.04092.0002000WB
505Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance€ 565.96162.1122012E1
506Eight Legged Freaks€ 562.00088.0002002WB
507The Gift€ 560.00089.0002001PAR
508The Nice Guys€ 559.79972.0602016IF
509Hannibal Rising€ 559.00078.0002007BFD
510Sphere€ 558.15099.0001998WB
511The Grudge 2€ 557.00076.0002006IF
512House on Haunted Hill€ 554.06689.0002000IF
513The Wolfman€ 554.00073.0002010UPI
514Hostage€ 552.00090.0002005IF
515El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes)€ 551.00077.0002010WBU
516Snake Eyes€ 550.88996.0001998BVI
517Killing Them Softly€ 550.48772.4792012DFW
518Sicario: Day of the Soldado€ 545.9232018IF
519Identity€ 544.00080.0002003CTF
520Patriots Day€ 542.36469.5792017IF
521Chernobyl Diaries€ 541.93771.0002012E1
522Quiz€ 540.60074.1222012BFD
523District 9€ 540.00075.0002009WB
524The Ghost Writer€ 540.00075.0002010BFD
525Den of Thieves€ 539.5572018SEA
526Contagion€ 534.30173.0672011WB
527Lord of War€ 532.00075.0002005ML
528Fool's Gold€ 531.00072.0002008WB
529The Mist€ 531.00074.0002008BFD
530Hitman€ 527.00072.0002007FOX
531Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones€ 526.51364.9322014UPI
532Blitz€ 522.39971.4122011E1
533Ouija: Origin of Evil€ 521.47963.1152016UPI
534Phone Booth€ 520.00097.0002003FOX
535Safe€ 517.69870.3102012E1
536Enough€ 517.00076.0002002CTF
537Blade: Trinity€ 515.00073.0002005RCV
538Halloween H20: 20 Years Later€ 513.67987.0001998RCV
539Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street€ 512.00070.0002008WB
540Reign of Fire€ 511.00077.0002002BVI
541Predators€ 509.00068.0002010WB
542Sahara€ 506.00077.0002005IF
543Side Effects€ 505.70668.0072013IF
544Man on Fire€ 505.00072.0002004FOX
545Changing Lanes€ 502.00072.0002002UIP
546The Darkest Minds€ 497.8682018FOX
547Abduction€ 497.27769.6032011E1
548Street Kings€ 496.00068.0002008FOX
549A Man Apart€ 489.00078.0002003RCV
550Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter€ 488.96155.6342012FOX


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