Genre: Thriller

951The Double€ 93.50012.9852014SEP
952Dennis P.€ 93.00016.0002007RCV
953Welcome to the Punch€ 92.64114.7082013E1
954Crime d'amour (Love Crime)€ 92.00014.0002010BFD
955Mesrine: Part 1 - Death Instinct (L'Instinct de Mort)€ 92.00014.0002009AFD
956The Thing€ 91.86012.9202011UPI
957What Happened to Monday?€ 90.7672017SPL
958The Accidental Spy€ 90.00016.0002002RCV
959The Replacement Killers€ 89.84816.0001998CTF
960The Hitcher€ 88.00013.0002007RCV
961Free State of Jones€ 87.57512.1242016E1
962El orfanato (The Orphanage)€ 87.00015.0002008AFD
963Sl8n8 (Slaughter Night)€ 87.00012.0002006ML
964Blood Ties€ 86.63913.2302013LUM
965Lost Souls€ 86.00015.0002001RCV
966Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai€ 85.31116.0002000UPI
967The Black Dahlia€ 85.00014.0002006ML
968Enigma€ 85.00014.0002002IFD
969L' immortel (The Immortal)€ 85.00013.0002010E1
970Pitch Black€ 83.04215.0002000UIP
971Serenity€ 83.00013.0002005UIP
972Hangman€ 82.6962018JFD
973The Damned (Gallows Hill)€ 82.03711.0682014DFW
974Shadow Dancer€ 81.89812.4752012LUM
975Nochnoy dozor (Night Watch)€ 81.00012.0002005FOX
976The Punisher€ 81.00012.0002004CTF
977The Human Stain€ 80.00013.0002003PAR
978Baby Blue€ 79.00012.0002001BVI
979Harry Brown€ 79.00013.0002010AFD
980Veronica Guerin€ 79.00014.0002003BVI
98106/05€ 78.00012.0002005IP
982Donkey Punch€ 78.00012.0002009EFP
983The Finest Hours€ 77.0148.4242016WDS
984The Resident€ 77.00811.4492011IF
985Fan€ 76.4889.4562016YASH
986Transporter 2€ 74.00010.0002005FOX
987The Man Who Knew Too Little€ 73.96613.0001998WB
988Slow West€ 73.47610.6132015RIL
989The Whistleblower€ 73.15110.4682011WBU
990The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall€ 72.1994.2702011UPI
991Bringing Out the Dead€ 72.15115.0002000BVI
992Running Scared€ 72.00013.0002006BFD
993We Own the Night€ 72.00011.0002008PAR
994Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li€ 71.00012.0002009IF
995The Contender€ 70.00012.0002001IF
996Bølgen (The Wave)€ 69.22110.3682016DFW
997Irréversible€ 69.00012.0002002PAR
998The Frozen Ground€ 68.18710.6932013IF
999Ascenseur pour l'échafaud (Elevator to the Gallows)€ 68.00011.0002005FM
1000Dark Blue€ 68.00012.0002003PAR


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