Genre: Thriller

351Lucia de B.€ 1.010.746135.4602014IF
352Hard Target€ 1.007.391186.5571993UIP
353Hide and Seek€ 1.005.282139.5702005FOX
354Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit€ 1.004.384124.3842014UPI
355Contact€ 1.003.257162.4301997WB
356RED 2€ 1.000.104130.3082013WWE
357The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift€ 999.366146.9762006UIP
358The Counselor€ 998.775128.5962013FOX
359Final Analysis€ 996.066204.0971992WB
360Crimson Tide€ 992.281176.7531995BVI
361A Time to Kill€ 991.435155.0691996WB
362A Most Wanted Man€ 991.166137.6572014WWE
363Murder by Numbers€ 991.000149.0002002WB
364In Time€ 988.346132.6932011FOX
365Rush Hour 3€ 983.652134.7152007PAR
366The Devil's Own€ 982.635176.9441997CTF
367Hunter Killer€ 979.703110.0122018DFW
368The Haunted Mansion€ 979.381144.0542004BVI
369Street Fighter€ 978.226184.6601995CTF
370Truth or Dare€ 976.362113.1842018UPI
371Spotlight€ 972.000124.0672016WWE
372Under Siege 2: Dark Territory€ 967.282161.9421995WB
373Total Recall€ 966.782128.7102012SPR
374Terminal Velocity€ 965.337178.1981995BVI
375Single White Female€ 965.092189.5201992CTF
376G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra€ 960.531132.3422009UPI
377Paycheck€ 957.428135.8482004UIP
378The Foreigner€ 950.196116.6472017SEA
379Flickan som lekte med elden (The Girl Who Played with Fire)€ 950.044130.7122010BFD
380Double Jeopardy€ 945.216151.1722000UIP
381Once Upon a Time in Mexico€ 943.577134.2442004BVI
382Elle€ 938.870117.2542016IF
383The Thomas Crown Affair€ 937.277158.0791999UIP
384Deepwater Horizon€ 932.992111.3342016IF
385Chronicle€ 927.514124.8212012FOX
386Ghost Ship€ 922.000131.0002002WB
387The Happening€ 920.353122.4902008WB
388The Client€ 915.459181.8661994WB
389Body of Lies€ 911.499121.8432008WB
390In the Line of Fire€ 906.961172.7901993CTF
391Argo€ 902.00093.5222012WB
392Primal Fear€ 895.153181.6821996UIP
393Source Code€ 891.933124.7322011WWE
394The Curse of La Llorona€ 889.5972019WB
395Nocturnal Animals€ 887.117109.1322016UPI
396Four Brothers€ 886.743121.1972005UIP
397Wolf€ 882.834171.8861994CTF
398Batman Returns€ 881.924161.2281992WB
399Borgman€ 880.291115.1582013CNA
400Apocalypto€ 873.411117.8972007AFD


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