Genre: Science Fiction

351Seeking a Friend for the End of the World€ 133.74019.409PAR
352Galaxy Quest€ 130.23523.0002012UIP
35328 Days Later...€ 129.00022.0002000FOX
354Apollo 18€ 125.27318.7042003WWE
355The Man Who Killed Don Quixote€ 122.51216.2122011SEA
356Bacurau€ 122.0472018CPF
357Small Soldiers€ 119.79823.0002020UIP
358Mænd & høns (Men & Chicken)€ 119.19916.2791998IMA
359The Postman€ 117.98318.0002016WB
360Godsend€ 117.00018.0001998ML
361Skyline€ 116.12717.6672004IF
362Blade Runner, The Final Cut€ 113.74514.0442011WB
363Criminal€ 113.71616.3232015WDS
364Titan A.E.€ 112.53720.0002016FOX
365S1m0ne€ 112.00019.0002000WWE
366Daybreakers€ 108.00016.0002002BFD
367Arif v 216€ 100.50410.4132010AFM
368Æon Flux€ 100.00015.0002018UIP
369High-Rise€ 99.87013.5262006IMA
370The Invasion€ 98.00014.0002016WB
371Repo Men€ 97.00015.0002007UPI
372The Jacket€ 96.00015.0002010IF
373Blindness€ 95.00016.0002005WWE
374What Happened to Monday?€ 94.18513.7202008SPL
375Slither€ 94.00017.0002017BFD
376The Thing€ 91.86012.9202006UPI
377My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising€ 91.4822011PER
378Timeline€ 86.00014.0002020UIP
379The Philosophers (After the Dark)€ 84.04413.3542004DFW
380Mr. Nobody€ 84.00013.0002014IF
381Pitch Black€ 83.04215.0002010UIP
382Serenity€ 83.00013.0002000UIP
383High Life€ 81.27410.4882005IMA
384The Future€ 80.84311.9262019CM
3852001: A Space Odyssey€ 75.6972011WB
386Thelma€ 74.40310.3172017IMA
387Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000€ 73.05912.0002017WB
388The World's End€ 70.81611.2032000UPI
389Willy op de Onbekende Planeet (Terra Willy: Planète inconnue)€ 70.4799.4782013PAR
390Terminator 2: Judgment Day€ 69.9688.1472019SEA
391Solaris€ 69.00011.0002017FOX
392Stalker€ 65.5238.2602003EYE
393Astro Boy€ 65.00011.0002018IF
394A-X-L€ 63.3798.3262010WWE
3959€ 63.00011.0002018AFD
396Splice€ 62.00011.0002009BFD
397Deep Rising€ 55.81510.0002010WWE
398Thunderpants€ 55.00010.0001998AFD
399Color Out of Space€ 54.9882002SPL
400Midnight Special€ 54.8547.4212020FOX


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