Genre: Mysterie

101Conspiracy Theory€ 1.121.496190.6501997WB
102Arrival€ 1.116.931138.3622016UPI
103Hugo€ 1.101.469122.7692012UPI
104The Ring Two€ 1.100.233153.3572005UIP
105Limitless€ 1.099.801148.5592011AFD
106Sleepy Hollow€ 1.097.335187.0762000UIP
107A Kiss Before Dying€ 1.085.604199.5031991UIP
108The Mule€ 1.070.0402019WB
109The Long Kiss Goodnight€ 1.067.179178.3831996WWE
110The Last Boy Scout€ 1.022.996201.1591992WB
111Karakter€ 1.020.038204.0611997BVI
112Hide and Seek€ 1.005.282139.5702005FOX
113Contact€ 1.003.257162.4301997WB
114Murder by Numbers€ 991.000149.0002002WB
115The Haunted Mansion€ 979.381144.0542004BVI
116Saw II€ 974.419134.3842006IF
1171408€ 971.649168.5322007BFD
118Total Recall€ 966.782128.7102012SPR
119Terminal Velocity€ 965.337178.1981995BVI
120Paycheck€ 957.428135.8482004UIP
121Flickan som lekte med elden (The Girl Who Played with Fire)€ 950.044130.7122010BFD
122Double Jeopardy€ 945.216151.1722000UIP
123Volver€ 942.423162.0592006AFD
124The Client€ 915.459181.8661994WB
125Dude, Where's My Car?€ 914.000175.0002001NFFC
126Primal Fear€ 895.153181.6821996UIP
127My Bloody Valentine€ 892.72088.4062009WWE
128Source Code€ 891.933124.7322011WWE
129Four Brothers€ 886.743121.1972005UIP
130The Usual Suspects€ 868.218155.0281996PFED
131The Snowman€ 864.460104.5942017UPI
132Edge of Darkness€ 857.151114.5622010WWE
133Red Eye€ 846.878125.5282005UIP
134Night Train to Lisbon€ 834.821112.7012013PAR
135Mega Mindy en het Zwarte Kristal€ 832.960127.7462010IF
136Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close€ 830.401109.8692012WB
137Memento€ 829.000145.0002001IF
138From Hell€ 819.000119.0002002NFFC
139The Skeleton Key€ 815.356115.9032005UIP
140Disturbia€ 812.000145.0002007UPI
141Insomnia€ 810.000122.0002002BVI
142Fracture€ 800.000111.0002007WWE
143Scream 4€ 799.279103.7832011WWE
144Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed€ 788.000133.0002004WB
145Eyes Wide Shut€ 770.973120.0001999WB
146Project T€ 768.05194.0482015WDS
147Insidious: The Last Key€ 767.77684.1522018SPR
148The Forgotten€ 767.000105.0002004CTF
149Unknown€ 764.239104.3032011WB
150Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy€ 751.70899.9662011WWE


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