Genre: Mysterie

251A Nightmare on Elm Street€ 303.00041.0002010WB
252La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In)€ 301.90843.6102011AFD
253Silent Hill€ 299.00042.0002006RCV
254The Unborn€ 290.00038.0002009UPI
255Saw V€ 289.00037.0002009BFD
256The X-Files: I Want to Believe€ 289.00040.0002008WB
257The Pink Panther 2€ 287.00040.0002009SPR
258Silent Hill: Revelation€ 286.14331.2122013E1
259State of Play€ 285.00043.0002009UPI
260House at the End of the Street€ 280.43938.1972012PAR
261Red Riding Hood€ 280.34139.7642011WB
262Breakdown€ 274.53760.0001998CTF
263Dragonfly€ 274.00043.0002002BVI
264Eastern Promises€ 273.00041.0002007RCV
265Lady in the Water€ 273.00052.0002006WB
266Stigmata€ 271.81443.0002000UIP
267Le passé (The Past)€ 268.51736.5552013CNA
268Incendies€ 264.98640.6562011CNA
269Sous le sable (Under the Sand)€ 263.00051.0002001CM
270Chloe€ 262.00036.0002010UPI
271The Hole€ 261.00039.0002001AFD
272High Crimes€ 260.00040.0002002FOX
273It Comes at Night€ 258.55833.2032017SPL
274The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus€ 257.00039.0002010E1
275Basic Instinct 2€ 255.00035.0002006IF
276Dogma€ 249.57944.0002000RCV
277Gone Baby Gone€ 246.00036.0002008WDS
278Killing Me Softly€ 245.00045.0002002IF
279Doubt€ 237.00037.0002009WDS
280Russkiy kovcheg (Russian Ark)€ 235.00043.0002003FM
281Twisted€ 231.00034.0002004IF
282Vampire Academy€ 229.24630.5222014DFW
283Case 39€ 225.00031.0002010UPI
284The Box€ 217.00031.0002010BFD
285Gossip€ 215.09236.0002000WB
286Buried€ 214.00031.0002010E1
287Suburbicon€ 207.41027.9772017SEA
288The Crazies€ 204.00029.0002010AFD
289The Fourth Kind€ 202.00028.0002010E1
290The Quiet American€ 201.00033.0002003PAR
291The Gift€ 197.91626.9892015SEA
292Saw€ 197.00034.0002005IP
293Io non ho paura (I'm Not Scared)€ 195.00030.0002004PAR
294Les invasions barbares (The Barbarian Invasions)€ 187.00030.0002004PAR
295Down€ 185.00027.0002001BVI
296What the Bleep Do We Know!?€ 185.00028.0002005CM
297Dark Places€ 183.17024.2772015AFD
298Beoning (Burning)€ 180.1102018IMA
299Destroyer€ 179.6792019SEA
300Los amantes del círculo polar (Lovers of the Arctic Circle)€ 177.42834.0001999CM


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