Genre: Horror

151Winchester House (Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built)€ 410.7082018DFW
152The Visit€ 395.83648.8622015UPI
153Hell Fest€ 390.5362018DFW
154The Omen€ 389.00057.0002006FOX
155The Reaping€ 386.00052.0002007WB
156Deliver Us from Evil€ 378.89059.3122014UPI
157The Rite€ 373.52150.4732011WB
158The Mothman Prophecies€ 373.00057.0002002IF
159The Brothers Grimm€ 372.00054.0002005RCV
160The Texas Chainsaw Massacre€ 371.00054.0002004RCV
161As Above/So Below€ 365.90652.1752014UPI
162The Exorcism of Emily Rose€ 362.00052.0002005SPR
163Wish Upon€ 359.57044.6442017SPL
164House of Wax€ 359.00054.0002005WB
165Unfriended€ 351.37543.7882015UPI
166A Cure for Wellness€ 348.41745.2112017FOX
167Bride of Chucky€ 347.59663.0001999RCV
168Freddy Vs. Jason€ 345.00051.0002003RCV
169I, Frankenstein€ 337.70237.0132014IF
170AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem€ 332.00045.0002008FOX
171Boogeyman€ 327.00047.0002005IF
172Zombibi€ 326.74941.6952012AFD
173The Forest€ 318.20139.8742016JFD
174The Hills Have Eyes€ 318.00058.0002006FOX
175Ghost Rider€ 313.00043.0002007SPR
176Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid€ 312.00045.0002004CTF
177Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2€ 308.57149.0002000DFW
178Shark Night€ 308.41235.7342011E1
179Flatliners€ 306.30039.1172017SPR
180A Nightmare on Elm Street€ 303.00041.0002010WB
181La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In)€ 301.90843.6102011AFD
182Jeepers Creepers II€ 299.00045.0002003RCV
183Silent Hill€ 299.00042.0002006RCV
184Underworld: Blood Wars€ 297.58033.3672016UPI
185Resident Evil: The Final Chapter€ 295.26231.3082017UPI
186The Unborn€ 290.00038.0002009UPI
187Saw V€ 289.00037.0002009BFD
188Silent Hill: Revelation€ 286.14331.2122013E1
189Fright Night€ 285.27532.6682011WDS
190House at the End of the Street€ 280.43938.1972012PAR
191Red Riding Hood€ 280.34139.7642011WB
192Krampus€ 279.37435.5162015UPI
193Stigmata€ 271.81443.0002000UIP
194Unsane€ 270.9772018FOX
195The Skulls€ 268.18445.0002000PAR
196Goosebumps€ 265.31830.8222016UPI
197The Hole€ 261.00039.0002001AFD
198Don't Be Afraid of the Dark€ 260.92434.9682011DFW
199It Follows€ 258.66332.8422015AFD
200It Comes at Night€ 258.55833.2032017SPL


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