Genre: Horror

101White Noise€ 659.00096.0002005IF
102Pet Sematary€ 650.7192019PPI
103The Purge: Anarchy€ 646.38682.2912014UPI
104The Cabin in the Woods€ 641.41784.0382012DFW
105Insidious: Chapter 3€ 636.87076.3222015UPI
106The Devil Inside€ 636.05079.6762012UPI
107The Prodigy€ 634.2132019SPL
108Sinister€ 632.02581.5372012E1
109The Woman in Black€ 626.05082.4022012DFW
110Devil's Due€ 620.34676.2992014FOX
111Stir of Echoes€ 612.15097.0002000IF
112Final Destination 3€ 609.00088.0002006RCV
113Insidious: Chapter 2€ 607.00376.6182013UPI
114Copycat€ 605.0001996WB
115Devil€ 601.00085.0002010UPI
116Oculus€ 600.07774.5382014AFD
117Saw IV€ 600.00076.0002008BFD
118Carrie€ 585.66075.8772013SPR
119Crimson Peak€ 579.44965.9262015UPI
120Eight Legged Freaks€ 562.00088.0002002WB
121The Gift€ 560.00089.0002001PAR
122The Grudge 2€ 557.00076.0002006IF
123Rings€ 556.21266.0192017UPI
124Slender Man€ 555.4152018SPR
125House on Haunted Hill€ 554.06689.0002000IF
126The Wolfman€ 554.00073.0002010UPI
127Chernobyl Diaries€ 541.93771.0002012E1
128Ouija€ 541.01667.4832014UPI
129Drag Me to Hell€ 535.00073.0002009RCV
130The Mist€ 531.00074.0002008BFD
131Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones€ 526.51364.9322014UPI
132Ouija: Origin of Evil€ 521.47963.1152016UPI
133Blade: Trinity€ 515.00073.0002005RCV
134Halloween H20: 20 Years Later€ 513.67987.0001998RCV
135Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street€ 512.00070.0002008WB
136Evil Dead€ 510.75264.0732013SPR
137The House with a Clock in its Walls€ 510.2052018E1
138Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter€ 488.96155.6342012FOX
139Hostel€ 487.00067.0002006SPR
140I Know What You Did Last Summer€ 486.90687.0001998CTF
141Friday the 13th€ 485.00062.0002009UPI
142Dawn of the Dead€ 483.00067.0002004UIP
143The Killing of a Sacred Deer€ 482.53661.1682017FFD
144The Purge€ 481.72964.0752013UPI
145Poltergeist€ 471.33749.2802015FOX
146The Amityville Horror€ 467.00067.0002005RCV
147Thir13en Ghosts€ 460.00067.0002002CTF
148Overlord€ 456.4292018PPI
149The Little Vampire€ 439.00089.0002001IF
150The Strangers€ 439.00060.0002008RCV


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