Genre: Horror

51De Johnsons€ 1.025.764193.0231992MFP
52Hide and Seek€ 1.005.282139.5702005FOX
53Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension€ 986.87598.6162015UPI
54Saw II€ 974.419134.3842006IF
551408€ 971.649168.5322007BFD
56Mama€ 937.319116.3342013UPI
57Ghost Ship€ 922.000131.0002002WB
58My Bloody Valentine€ 892.72088.4062009RCV
59Wolf€ 882.834171.8861994CTF
60Paranormal Activity 4€ 872.012106.9342012UPI
61Dreamcatcher€ 858.672121.6932003WB
62Flatliners€ 836.111154.8481990CTF
63The Purge: Election Year€ 830.907100.6582016UPI
64From Hell€ 819.000119.0002002NFFC
65The Skeleton Key€ 815.356115.9032005UIP
66Scream 4€ 799.279103.7832011E1
67Lights Out€ 794.96593.5152016WB
68Piranha€ 791.00095.0002010AFD
69Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed€ 788.000133.0002004WB
70Saw 3D€ 786.14883.1152011BFD
71Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters€ 777.46183.4282013UPI
72The Possession€ 767.44998.6342012E1
73Wrong Turn€ 750.000116.0002003IF
74Jeepers Creepers€ 731.00099.0002002IF
75Paranormal Activity€ 718.00094.0002009RCV
76Final Destination 2€ 716.000107.0002003RCV
77Annabelle€ 691.31183.6742014WB
78Resident Evil: Afterlife€ 674.00070.0002010E1
79Happy Death Day (Half to Death)€ 671.4982017UPI
80Mirrors€ 671.000103.0002008WB
81Escape Room€ 669.3442017DFW
82Insidious€ 659.37587.4522011E1
83White Noise€ 659.00096.0002005IF
84The Purge: Anarchy€ 646.38682.2912014UPI
85Mother!€ 644.3152017PPI
86The Cabin in the Woods€ 641.41784.0382012DFW
87Insidious: Chapter 3€ 636.87076.3222015UPI
88The Devil Inside€ 636.05079.6762012UPI
89Sinister€ 632.02581.5372012E1
90The Woman in Black€ 626.05082.4022012DFW
91Devil's Due€ 620.34676.2992014FOX
92Stir of Echoes€ 612.15097.0002000IF
93Final Destination 3€ 609.00088.0002006RCV
94Insidious: Chapter 2€ 607.00376.6182013UPI
95Copycat€ 605.0001996WB
96Devil€ 601.00085.0002010UPI
97Oculus€ 600.07774.5382014AFD
98Saw IV€ 600.00076.0002008BFD
99Carrie€ 585.66075.8772013SPR
100Crimson Peak€ 579.44965.9262015UPI


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