Genre: Fantasy

101Monsters, Inc.€ 2.374.000405.0002002BVI
102Brave€ 2.355.895290.7272012WDS
103Man of Steel€ 2.326.925237.8542013WB
104The Princess and the Frog€ 2.322.340346.5852010WDS
105Night at the Museum€ 2.179.578309.0182007FOX
106X-Men: Apocalypse€ 2.177.607224.7532016FOX
107G-Force€ 2.162.521306.4862009WDS
108Hook€ 2.156.329366.2361992CTF
109The Twilight Saga: New Moon€ 2.115.705278.0162009IF
110The Great Wall€ 2.076.0512017UPI
11110,000 B.C.€ 2.066.400271.6372008WB
112Godzilla€ 2.057.422206.9552014WB
113Toy Story€ 2.005.561401.0531996BVI
114End of Days€ 2.002.762331.9631999RCV
115Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Het regent gehaktballen)€ 2.001.501244.5262010SPR
116Ice Age€ 1.999.000342.0002002FOX
117Dr. Seuss' The Lorax€ 1.998.967242.4512012UPI
118Casper€ 1.986.101372.3551995UIP
119Stuart Little€ 1.983.069394.1682000CTF
120Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time€ 1.973.883250.4032010WDS
121Warcraft: The Beginning€ 1.962.108194.8352016UPI
122Van Helsing€ 1.913.959268.3892004UIP
123The Mummy€ 1.906.8662017UPI
124The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian€ 1.894.459259.5052008WDS
125Monsters University€ 1.876.398233.9832013WDS
126Stuart Little 2€ 1.862.000334.0002002CTF
127The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor€ 1.846.227311.1442008UPI
128King Arthur: Legend of the Sword€ 1.815.8792017WB
129The Addams Family€ 1.808.641326.9901991CTF
130Clash of the Titans€ 1.794.676188.9662010WB
131The Little Mermaid€ 1.769.179392.0261990BVI
132The Mask€ 1.758.303349.7021994IF
133Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties€ 1.752.059329.6842006FOX
134Oz: The Great and Powerful€ 1.747.660185.3472013WDS
135Death Becomes Her€ 1.746.099324.5261993UIP
136Final Destination€ 1.724.677281.7622000RCV
137Nanny McPhee€ 1.715.463287.4002006UIP
138The Green Mile€ 1.694.136241.7892000UIP
139Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children€ 1.682.450187.4602016FOX
14017 Again€ 1.680.572230.9002009RCV
141Wanted€ 1.664.656284.9972008UPI
142Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian€ 1.648.356228.2122009FOX
143Enchanted€ 1.632.998238.2462007WDS
144Last Action Hero€ 1.624.387299.7671993CTF
145The Emperor's New Groove€ 1.610.000317.0002001BVI
146Bambi€ 1.592.526342.6331993BVI
147A Christmas Carol€ 1.561.281167.6092009WDS
148Heksen bestaan niet€ 1.554.927219.6842014JFD
149Lilo & Stitch€ 1.522.000291.0002002BVI
150Alice Through the Looking Glass€ 1.520.508166.0972016WDS


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