Genre: Drama

201Achtste groepers huilen niet (2012)€ 1.994.518281.880DFW
202The Tigger Movie (2000)€ 1.982.083387.9862012BVI
203A Few Good Men (1992)€ 1.980.904361.4132000CTF
204Mermaids (1990)€ 1.979.962391.5631993CTF
205Nell (1994)€ 1.977.244364.9431991PFED
206The Passion of the Christ (2004)€ 1.970.378276.5391995AFD
207The Truman Show (1998)€ 1.967.005333.9212004UIP
208La grande bellezza (2013)
   The Great Beauty
€ 1.965.467234.6421998CM
209Radeloos (2008)€ 1.957.805279.6592013WWE
210The Departed (2006)€ 1.951.043254.3332008WB
211Moulin Rouge! (2001)€ 1.943.000288.0002006NFFC
212The Mountain Between Us (2017)€ 1.942.253230.7822001FOX
213The Pelican Brief (1993)€ 1.936.207319.5932017WB
214De kleine blonde dood (1993)€ 1.935.929358.3831994CCF
215The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)€ 1.933.856235.6631993SPR
216Girls Night Out (2017)
   Rough Night
€ 1.913.294230.0662012UPI
217BlacKkKlansman (2018)€ 1.909.419227.8632017UPI
218La vita è bella (1997)
   Life Is Beautiful
€ 1.906.075349.1182018WWE
219Daglicht (2013)€ 1.898.303243.9241998BFD
220Midway (2019)€ 1.895.569197.2402013DFW
221300 (2007)€ 1.888.985249.0462019WB
222Nynke (2001)€ 1.855.000269.0002007UIP
223Darkest Hour (2017)€ 1.851.880221.6422001UPI
224Me Before You (2016)€ 1.850.885222.4902018FOX
225Erin Brockovich (2000)€ 1.850.853301.5852016CTF
226Something's Gotta Give (2003)€ 1.838.147257.9522000WB
227The Perfect Storm (2000)€ 1.825.318288.7062004WB
228King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)€ 1.820.270199.5222000WB
229Knielen op een bed violen (2016)€ 1.814.829225.1952017SEP
230Captain Phillips (2013)€ 1.809.352226.5002016UPI
231Love and Other Drugs (2010)€ 1.805.701232.2102013WB
232The Pacifier (2005)€ 1.803.391273.5512011BVI
233Spangas op survival (2009)€ 1.796.657275.8072005WDS
234The Lion King 3D (1994)€ 1.791.620208.8052009WDS
235Publieke werken (2015)€ 1.780.371218.5592011SEP
236American Gangster (2007)€ 1.767.075216.9032015UPI
237Public Enemies (2009)€ 1.761.575229.7462007UPI
238The Shape of Water (2017)€ 1.756.328215.0942009FOX
239The Accountant (2016)€ 1.739.941209.7932018WB
240Inside Man (2006)€ 1.731.914241.5742016UIP
241Vanilla Sky (2001)€ 1.727.000252.0002006UIP
242While You Were Sleeping (1995)€ 1.725.112306.9702002BVI
243The Iron Lady (2011)€ 1.716.094224.2481995LUM
2442 Guns (2013)€ 1.711.724219.1972012UPI
245Don't Say a Word (2001)€ 1.705.000230.0002013FOX
246The Green Mile (1999)€ 1.694.136241.7892001UIP
247The Bridges of Madison County (1995)€ 1.690.700299.3352000WB
248The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)€ 1.685.635210.9011995FOX
249Zoop in India (2006)€ 1.683.271296.5702008IF
250Traffic (2000)€ 1.683.000250.0002006WWE


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