Genre: Drama

3401Gerry€ 12.0002.000IF
3402L' imbalsamatore (The Embalmer)€ 12.0002.0002003CM
3403Immortel (Ad Vitam)€ 12.0002.0002004IF
3404The Limits of Control€ 12.0002.0002004AFD
3405Lovely Rita€ 12.0002.0002009FM
3406Om jag vänder mig om (Daybreak)€ 12.0002.00020021MF
3407Politist, adjectiv (Police, Adjective)€ 12.0002.0002005EYE
3408Reconstruction€ 12.0002.00020101MF
3409RKO 281€ 12.0003.0002004CM
3410Secondhand Lions€ 12.0002.0002001WWE
3411Sweet Sixteen€ 12.0002.0002003AFD
3412Tasogare seibei (The Twilight Samurai)€ 12.0002.0002003BAD
3413Ultranova€ 12.0002.0002004FM
3414Viola di mare (The Sea Purple)€ 12.0002.0002005CM
3415Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken (Love in Thoughts)€ 12.0002.0002010BAD
3416Within the Whirlwind€ 12.0002.0002004PAR
3417Insyriated (In Syria)€ 11.9961.8972010AMF
3418Slava (Glory)€ 11.9361.7902017ART
3419Marti, dupa craciun (Tuesday, After Christmas)€ 11.9231.9912017AMF
3420If the Sun Explodes€ 11.9181.9152011AMF
3421Y'aura t'il de la neige à Noël? (Will It Snow for Christmas?)€ 11.9171.6962017EYE
3422Grand Central€ 11.9071.7952015CNA
3423Silent City€ 11.8441.7872013AFD
3424Dance Me to My Song€ 11.7983.0002012ONB
3425Election€ 11.7983.0001999UIP
3426The Stoning of Soraya M.€ 11.7161.8102000ART
3427La meglio gioventù, Part 1 (The Best of Youth, Part 1)€ 11.7121.2842011LUM
3428Beyond the Steppes€ 11.6921.9162015BFD
3429I'm Not a F**cking Princess (My Little Princess)€ 11.6421.7132011CM
3430Ni guang fei xiang (Touch of the Light)€ 11.6301.8572012AFD
3431Nan fang che zhan de ju hui (The Wild Goose Lake)€ 11.5832014IMA
3432Chinatown€ 11.4662020CIC
3433Monky€ 11.3991.5991974ITA
3434Svenskjävel (Underdog)€ 11.3921.7812018JFD
3435Dead Man€ 11.3761.5772015EYE
3436Ausente (Absent)€ 11.3721.5392017CM
3437Ça commence aujourd'hui (It All Starts Today)€ 11.3452.0002011ONB
3438A Carta (The Letter)€ 11.3452.0001999FM
3439FairyTale: A True Story€ 11.3453.0002000BVI
3440Sibirskiy tsiryulnik (The Barber of Siberia)€ 11.3452.0001998IFD
3441Ta'm e Guilass (Taste of Cherry)€ 11.3452.0002000ARG
3442Weldi (Dear Son)€ 11.3181.4911998IMA
3443Il compleanno (David's Birthday)€ 11.3031.5652019CM
3444Mientras duermes (Sleep Tight)€ 11.2772.1452011CNA
3445Pasolini€ 11.2341.5432012CFC
3446Les cowboys€ 11.2141.6362015LUM
3447Vivre sa vie (My Life to Live)€ 11.2081.5672015EYE
3448The Elephant Man€ 11.1511.5562018EYE
34495 Weddings€ 11.1281.5392018ONB
3450The Breakfast Club€ 11.1182018UIP


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