Genre: Drama

401De Bende van Oss€ 1.069.223141.7262011E1
402The Long Kiss Goodnight€ 1.067.179178.3831996RCV
403Shall We Dance€ 1.056.589153.3472005BVI
404Wo hu cang long (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)€ 1.056.000172.0002001IFD
405First Knight€ 1.051.385188.4841995CTF
406Constantine€ 1.051.281146.5602005WB
407My Sister's Keeper€ 1.049.279166.6552009WB
408Flight€ 1.042.418136.2762013UPI
409The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement€ 1.038.942151.4942004BVI
410In Her Shoes€ 1.036.718148.3212005FOX
411Vicky Cristina Barcelona€ 1.030.436148.5592008CNA
412The Pursuit of Happyness€ 1.029.743141.4322007SPR
413Star Trek: First Contact€ 1.028.105170.7141997UIP
414The Break-Up€ 1.025.428168.5232006UIP
415The Aristocats€ 1.024.923214.3321994BVI
416Karakter€ 1.020.038204.0611997BVI
417The Age of Adaline€ 1.016.670128.1002015DFW
418Body Language€ 1.015.624133.2172011AFD
419Jackie Brown€ 1.012.015184.4531998RCV
420Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit€ 1.004.384124.3842014UPI
421The Lucky One€ 1.003.831129.2622012WB
422Contact€ 1.003.257162.4301997WB
423No Reservations€ 1.002.972182.4082007WB
424Simon€ 1.000.026151.0562004AFD
425The Counselor€ 998.775128.5962013FOX
426Final Analysis€ 996.066204.0971992WB
427American Hustle€ 992.682129.9772014PAR
428Crimson Tide€ 992.281176.7531995BVI
429Unbroken€ 991.965124.5902015UPI
430A Time to Kill€ 991.435155.0691996WB
431The Theory of Everything€ 991.279129.4002015UPI
432Cold Mountain€ 990.623130.4002004BVI
433Razend€ 984.299136.0772011JFD
434Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps€ 984.250127.2832010FOX
435Trainspotting€ 984.052179.3901996PFED
436The Devil's Own€ 982.635176.9441997CTF
437Il y a longtemps que je t'aime (I've Loved You So Long)€ 981.012157.0022008BFD
438Joy€ 978.397121.2552016FOX
439De dirigent€ 977.7122018SPL
440Amour (Love)€ 975.196128.6422012CNA
441The Prince of Tides€ 974.540187.1191992CTF
442Spotlight€ 972.000124.0672016E1
443About Time€ 968.671125.0892013UPI
444Black Butterflies€ 967.615137.4092011AFD
445The Twilight Saga: Twilight€ 965.270129.5032008IF
446Single White Female€ 965.092189.5201992CTF
447Briefgeheim€ 954.636139.2142010AFD
448Manchester by the Sea€ 954.130121.0932017UPI
449The Tree of Life€ 951.009125.9172011IF
450Flickan som lekte med elden (The Girl Who Played with Fire)€ 950.044130.7122010BFD


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