Distributeur: The Walt Disney Company Benelux

51G-Force€ 2.162.521306.4862009WDS
52Glass€ 2.137.5192019WDS
53Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time€ 1.973.883250.4032010WDS
54Captain America: The Winter Soldier€ 1.926.226201.7772014WDS
55The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian€ 1.894.459259.5052008WDS
56Monsters University€ 1.876.398233.9832013WDS
57Foeksia de Miniheks€ 1.846.258279.3212010WDS
58National Treasure: Book of Secrets€ 1.831.704241.8892008WDS
59Mary Poppins Returns€ 1.799.753210.1642018WDS
60Spangas op survival€ 1.796.657275.8072009WDS
61The Lion King 3D€ 1.791.620208.8052011WDS
62Oz: The Great and Powerful€ 1.747.660185.3472013WDS
63Ant-Man€ 1.688.183176.6672015WDS
64Planes: Fire & Rescue (Planes 2: Redden & Blussen)€ 1.638.668210.3792014WDS
65Enchanted€ 1.632.998238.2462007WDS
66A Christmas Carol€ 1.561.281167.6092009WDS
67Alice Through the Looking Glass€ 1.520.508166.0972016WDS
68Confessions of a Shopaholic€ 1.450.262194.0352009WDS
69The Sorcerer's Apprentice€ 1.437.671191.9672010WDS
70Cinderella€ 1.339.812185.7612015WDS
71TRON: Legacy€ 1.321.644138.9662011WDS
72I Am Number Four€ 1.309.014164.7082011WDS
73John Carter€ 1.186.041123.4822012WDS
74The Nutcracker and the Four Realms€ 1.162.634126.8682018WDS
75Toy Story 4€ 1.157.7552019WDS
76Pete's Dragon (Peter en de draak)€ 1.139.017146.1692016WDS
77Christopher Robin (Janneman Robinson & Poeh)€ 1.117.381143.6672018WDS
78Bedtime Stories€ 1.044.509140.6712008WDS
79Old Dogs€ 947.815124.9772009WDS
80Gnomeo and Juliet€ 935.859139.7212011WDS
81War Horse€ 874.130108.5432012WDS
82The Pirate Fairy (TinkerBell en de piraten)€ 811.799103.4072014WDS
83Secret of the Wings (TinkerBell: Het geheim van de vleugels)€ 778.213101.3982012WDS
84Project T€ 768.05194.0482015WDS
85Beverly Hills Chihuahua€ 750.000115.0002009WDS
86Chimpanzee€ 748.133107.4852013WDS
87Surrogates€ 671.00091.0002009WDS
88Muppets Most Wanted€ 561.96278.7572014WDS
89Tinkerbell & De legende van het nooitgedachtbeest (Legend of the NeverBeast)€ 508.61768.9792014WDS
90Real Steel€ 502.21065.3482011WDS
91Finding Nemo 3D€ 474.69256.2152013WDS
92There Will Be Blood€ 453.00059.0002008WDS
93Winnie the Pooh€ 448.76571.5112011WDS
94Underdog€ 379.00059.0002008WDS
95Into the Woods€ 315.15243.5562015WDS
96Frozen Sing-A-Long€ 299.25144.3952014WDS
97Bears€ 293.19341.3152015WDS
98Fright Night€ 285.27532.6682011WDS
99The Boy in the Striped Pajamas€ 282.00041.0002009WDS
100Tini: El gran cambio de Violetta (Tini, het nieuwe leven van Violetta)€ 263.56237.1162016WDS


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