Distributeur: The Walt Disney Company Benelux

1Star Wars: The Force Awakens€ 14.316.8561.357.8462015WDS
2Star Wars: The Last Jedi€ 10.857.056984.2322017WDS
3Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides€ 10.274.7341.073.5792011WDS
4Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales)€ 9.937.2271.018.0412017WDS
5The Jungle Book€ 9.446.241967.4542016WDS
6Avengers: Infinity War€ 9.244.9822018WDS
7Finding Dory€ 8.976.4721.082.9772016WDS
8Black Panther€ 8.080.7292018WDS
9Beauty and the Beast€ 8.062.325850.5862017WDS
10Frozen€ 7.626.859932.1362013WDS
11Rogue One: A Star Wars Story€ 7.535.656714.5612016WDS
12Alice in Wonderland€ 7.375.524738.4412010WDS
13The Incredibles 2€ 7.249.5882018WDS
14Up€ 6.057.300795.7422009WDS
15Coco€ 5.366.961686.9832017WDS
16Inside Out (Binnenstebuiten)€ 5.305.590660.9152015WDS
17Zootropolis (Zootopia)€ 5.234.247675.6502016WDS
18Avengers: Age of Ultron€ 5.004.527493.7972015WDS
19Vaiana (Moana)€ 4.966.046611.3202016WDS
20Cars 2€ 4.531.621574.5902011WDS
21Toy Story 3€ 4.487.628564.5722010WDS
22Iron Man 3€ 4.332.473436.2702013WDS
23Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2€ 3.997.809396.4512017WDS
24Thor: Ragnarok€ 3.961.025393.5172017WDS
25Rapunzel (Tangled)€ 3.884.730475.4502010WDS
26Captain America: Civil War€ 3.860.643392.8442016WDS
27Ralph Breaks the Internet€ 3.806.3442018WDS
28The Good Dinosaur€ 3.579.723462.8822015WDS
29Doctor Strange€ 3.335.113333.0392016WDS
30WALL•E€ 3.332.160512.2452008WDS
31The Proposal€ 3.048.605411.5802009WDS
32Guardians of the Galaxy€ 3.012.340311.5882014WDS
33Bolt€ 2.796.979413.8142009WDS
34Maleficent€ 2.640.633283.0412014WDS
35The Muppets€ 2.640.015380.4482012WDS
36Big Hero 6€ 2.626.641335.8812015WDS
37Cars 3€ 2.585.544342.1122017WDS
38Solo: A Star Wars Story€ 2.480.9302018WDS
39Thor: The Dark World€ 2.383.429246.8762013WDS
40The Lone Ranger€ 2.380.040291.6652013WDS
41Brave€ 2.355.895290.7272012WDS
42The Princess and the Frog€ 2.322.340346.5852010WDS
43Planes€ 2.287.361294.9322013WDS
44Wreck-It Ralph€ 2.282.828178.7292012WDS
45Ant-Man and the Wasp€ 2.272.4502018WDS
46High School Musical 3: Senior Year€ 2.168.618311.6902008WDS
47G-Force€ 2.162.521306.4862009WDS
48Glass€ 2.006.1322019WDS
49Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time€ 1.973.883250.4032010WDS
50Captain America: The Winter Soldier€ 1.926.226201.7772014WDS


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