Distributeur: Warner Bros.

51The Fugitive€ 3.523.164636.2271993WB
52Smallfoot€ 3.491.147435.7172018WB
53New Year's Eve€ 3.456.533434.0252011WB
54Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows€ 3.334.295415.0092011WB
55Ocean's 8€ 3.332.559385.5482018WB
56Miss Congeniality€ 3.320.000526.0002001WB
57The Lego Movie€ 3.295.044402.2442014WB
58Ocean's Thirteen€ 3.276.132438.0442007WB
59Wonder Woman€ 3.242.742344.2962017WB
60Space Jam€ 3.172.757569.9951997WB
61The Curious Case of Benjamin Button€ 3.122.615379.2212009WB
62Tomb Raider€ 3.092.788314.7752018WB
63Lethal Weapon 4€ 3.029.435508.1361998WB
64Logan€ 3.017.820342.0232017WB
65Yes Man€ 2.982.274390.1202009WB
66Sherlock Holmes€ 2.955.143381.8962010WB
67The Nun€ 2.933.472301.9502018WB
68Pluk van de Petteflet€ 2.873.503482.7872004WB
69Two Weeks Notice€ 2.872.997425.4002003WB
70We're the Millers€ 2.840.934365.8792013WB
71Valkyrie€ 2.817.775366.6832009WB
72The Lego Batman Movie€ 2.796.059356.1312017WB
73Ja zuster, nee zuster€ 2.740.000446.0002002WB
74Focus€ 2.714.564329.2102015WB
75Gekijô-ban poketto monsutâ - Myûtsû no gyakushû (Pokémon: The First Movie)€ 2.680.669525.1732000WB
76What Happens in Vegas...€ 2.677.894357.3362008WB
77Magic Mike XXL€ 2.625.868320.3842015WB
78Step Up 2: The Streets€ 2.619.527350.5982008WB
79American Sniper€ 2.539.785301.3172015WB
80Knight and Day€ 2.537.192328.4072010WB
81How to Be Single€ 2.506.790297.7622016WB
82The Great Gatsby€ 2.485.245263.0722013WB
83Valentine's Day€ 2.479.038320.4112010WB
84Justice League€ 2.439.954246.9992017WB
85Ready Player One€ 2.433.890242.0372018WB
86Disclosure€ 2.433.584428.3681995WB
87JFK€ 2.389.532339.5441992WB
88Blood Diamond€ 2.388.055314.5552007WB
89Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead€ 2.382.228437.4831991WB
90Man of Steel€ 2.326.925237.8542013WB
91The Lego Movie: The Second Part€ 2.302.5052019WB
92Heat€ 2.267.602310.9021996WB
93Yogi Bear€ 2.229.986275.7952011WB
94Waar is het paard van Sinterklaas?€ 2.214.617352.2582007WB
95Free Willy€ 2.180.033420.7571994WB
96Game Night€ 2.154.502255.0442018WB
97Horrible Bosses€ 2.154.472279.8032011WB
98You've Got Mail€ 2.151.045364.1541999WB
99Creed II€ 2.130.3902019WB
100Outbreak€ 2.094.854409.2801995WB


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