Distributeur: Warner Bros.

1Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone€ 15.313.0002.172.0002001WB
2Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II€ 13.123.7331.378.5122011WB
3Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets€ 13.067.0001.805.0002002WB
4The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey€ 12.264.196791.5782012WB
5The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies€ 12.042.5691.181.5392014WB
6The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug€ 11.820.5451.133.4502013WB
7Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince€ 11.337.5831.357.9622009WB
8Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald€ 10.803.6571.022.8562018WB
9Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them€ 10.401.6861.057.0422016WB
10Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I€ 10.230.8201.205.5482010WB
11Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix€ 10.102.3451.322.1632007WB
12Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire€ 10.086.9391.350.7862005WB
13Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban€ 8.344.9691.235.8992004WB
14Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves€ 7.033.2101.266.5861991WB
15Inception€ 7.002.076831.0232010WB
16Dunkirk€ 6.963.466758.0012017WB
17The Dark Knight Rises€ 6.877.176760.5802012WB
18Aquaman€ 6.760.679614.7192018WB
19A Star is Born€ 6.681.424730.8182018WB
20The Matrix Reloaded€ 6.595.374996.1022003WB
21Ferdinand€ 6.349.717812.4852017WB
22The Hangover Part II€ 6.151.629765.9932011WB
23Suicide Squad€ 5.687.544574.0772016WB
24The Bodyguard€ 5.684.5861.024.3891992WB
25Ocean's Eleven€ 5.526.000807.0002002WB
26Troy€ 5.355.604704.8832004WB
27IT€ 5.191.570580.6672017WB
28Ocean's Twelve€ 5.176.926704.0972004WB
29Happy Feet€ 5.090.900776.3092006WB
30The Hangover Part III€ 4.997.987606.5002013WB
31The Dark Knight€ 4.968.797598.2892008WB
32Minoes€ 4.845.000813.0002001WB
33Deadpool€ 4.826.815525.7462016WB
34Abeltje€ 4.721.321900.5971998WB
35Joker€ 4.677.0822019WB
36Rio€ 4.282.474526.1242011WB
37Charlie and the Chocolate Factory€ 4.277.837670.3632005WB
38The Legend of Tarzan€ 4.158.542432.0372016WB
39I Am Legend€ 4.072.442512.1432007WB
40Interstellar€ 4.005.4212014WB
41Gravity€ 3.979.859397.4662013WB
42Sex and the City 2€ 3.962.773483.7942010WB
43Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Roadtrip€ 3.915.728558.0342016WB
44The Matrix Revolutions€ 3.785.117531.8032003WB
45The Matrix€ 3.781.326678.1151999WB
46IT: Chapter Two€ 3.706.2762019WB
47Kong: Skull Island€ 3.694.711378.0262017WB
48Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice€ 3.691.419389.8412016WB
49The Meg€ 3.681.622356.3912018WB
50The Last Samurai€ 3.679.316561.2982004WB


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