Distributeur: Warner Bros.

151Wild Wild West€ 1.468.236259.889WB
152Payback€ 1.459.928246.3221999WB
153A Perfect World€ 1.457.462244.3231999WB
154Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)€ 1.455.2931993WB
155Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief€ 1.454.139193.3502020WB
156Project X€ 1.433.568182.9732010WB
157Storks€ 1.430.415189.6072012WB
158The Exorcist€ 1.412.838217.3052016WB
159A Perfect Murder€ 1.406.604240.1211974WB
160Marmaduke€ 1.361.233213.6311998WB
161Annabelle: Creation€ 1.356.638156.4992010WB
162Cats & Dogs (Als kat en hond)€ 1.351.000256.0002017WB
163Marley & Me€ 1.350.740180.7352001WB
164Horton Hears a Who!€ 1.350.105209.7732009WB
165De griezelbus€ 1.347.567226.8902008WB
166Godzilla: King of the Monsters€ 1.318.699129.5372005WB
167The Island€ 1.309.345187.7732019WB
168Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole€ 1.297.076150.5442005WB
169Gangster Squad€ 1.286.216166.5862010WB
170Journey 2: The Mysterious Island€ 1.269.859133.7942013WB
171Falling Down€ 1.264.287234.1732012WB
172Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles€ 1.259.253235.4891993WB
173City of Angels€ 1.259.160217.1441994WB
174Life As We Know It€ 1.255.786165.9961998WB
175Doc Hollywood€ 1.242.658222.8262010WB
176Poseidon€ 1.241.789191.5911991WB
177Batman Begins€ 1.240.9352006WB
178Dark Shadows€ 1.240.120155.7242005WB
179Final Destination 5€ 1.238.740133.6562012WB
180Under Siege€ 1.231.545226.3032011WB
181Critical Decision (Executive Decision)€ 1.229.532217.5021993WB
182The A-Team€ 1.224.003161.2141996WB
183Lepel€ 1.209.686208.7482010WB
184Edge of Tomorrow€ 1.196.802127.9192005WB
185Gulliver's Travels€ 1.184.260137.7902014WB
186Batman Forever€ 1.175.891206.9472011WB
187Nijntje de Film€ 1.174.989172.7111995WB
188Message in a Bottle€ 1.170.112211.0502013WB
189Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous€ 1.149.673166.2251999WB
190Crazy Rich Asians€ 1.137.235135.3912005WB
191Curly Sue€ 1.136.111207.0052018WB
192Sully€ 1.124.231134.7721991WB
193The Polar Express€ 1.121.893182.7262016WB
194Bride Wars€ 1.121.787151.9162004WB
195Conspiracy Theory€ 1.121.496190.6502009WB
196Analyze This€ 1.112.137188.4861997WB
197The Conjuring€ 1.107.869140.5431999WB
198Rumor Has It...€ 1.105.690162.0822013WB
199The Mule€ 1.100.184126.8372006WB
200Horrible Bosses 2€ 1.080.113137.7972019WB


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