Distributeur: Warner Bros.

201Ghost Ship€ 922.000131.0002002WB
202The Happening€ 920.353122.4902008WB
203Creed€ 919.634112.3442016WB
204Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home€ 918.706181.2801995WB
205The Client€ 915.459181.8661994WB
206Body of Lies€ 911.499121.8432008WB
207Beowulf€ 907.469110.1202007WB
208Argo€ 902.00093.5222012WB
209Superman Returns€ 900.677122.9552006WB
210Dennis the Menace€ 890.419182.4131993WB
211The Bucket List€ 889.260123.8042008WB
212Batman Returns€ 881.924161.2281992WB
213Artificial Intelligence: AI€ 875.000123.0002001WB
214Vacation€ 873.414111.9832015WB
215Dreamcatcher€ 858.672121.6932003WB
216Gekijô-ban poketto monsutâ: Kesshô-tô no teiô (Pokémon 3: The Movie)€ 852.000184.0002001WB
217Get Smart€ 844.575129.2592008WB
218Exit Wounds€ 842.000155.0002001WB
219Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close€ 830.401109.8692012WB
220The Town€ 799.000107.0002010WB
221V for Vendetta€ 795.000109.0002006WB
222Lights Out€ 794.96593.5152016WB
223Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed€ 788.000133.0002004WB
224Black Mass€ 771.59894.2432015WB
225Eyes Wide Shut€ 770.973120.0001999WB
226Going the Distance€ 765.000117.0002010WB
227Unknown€ 764.239104.3032011WB
228The Lake House€ 758.000120.0002006WB
229A Cinderella Story€ 755.000113.0002004WB
230The Man from U.N.C.L.E.€ 742.38090.6502015WB
231Made in America€ 741.0001993WB
232Three Kings€ 720.149120.0002000WB
233Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement)€ 719.000105.0002005WB
234Jack the Giant Slayer€ 718.23780.1002013WB
235Taking Lives€ 708.000102.0002004WB
236The Negotiator€ 706.536121.0001998WB
237Annabelle€ 691.31183.6742014WB
238The Sheltering Sky€ 675.0001990WB
239Mirrors€ 671.000103.0002008WB
240Sucker Punch€ 663.35982.4902011WB
241Fist Fight€ 659.2882017WB
242Der kleine Eisbär (De kleine ijsbeer)€ 659.000121.0002003WB
243Meet Dave€ 657.000108.0002008WB
244Syriana€ 656.00093.0002006WB
245Gran Torino€ 652.00092.0002009WB
246Training Day€ 649.00095.0002002WB
247Proof of Life€ 633.00095.0002001WB
248Max Payne€ 626.00086.0002008WB
249Green Lantern€ 620.26272.1202011WB
250U.S. Marshals€ 616.234105.0001998WB


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