Distributeur: Warner Bros.

101Het paard van Sinterklaas€ 2.004.695339.4042005WB
102Rampage: Big Meets Bigger€ 1.990.7432018WB
103The Departed€ 1.951.043254.3332006WB
104The Pelican Brief€ 1.936.207319.5931994WB
105Showtime€ 1.912.000284.0002002WB
106Deep Blue Sea€ 1.890.251320.8041999WB
107300€ 1.888.985249.0462007WB
108Gekijô-ban poketto monsutâ: Maboroshi no pokemon: Rugia bakutan (Pokémon: The Movie 2000)€ 1.884.540360.5682000WB
109Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls€ 1.868.738329.4211996WB
110Prometheus€ 1.856.191191.7242012WB
111Something's Gotta Give€ 1.838.147257.9522004WB
112The Perfect Storm€ 1.825.318288.7062000WB
113King Arthur: Legend of the Sword€ 1.820.270199.5222017WB
114Love and Other Drugs€ 1.805.701232.2102011WB
115The Conjuring 2€ 1.802.806206.3422016WB
116Clash of the Titans€ 1.794.676188.9662010WB
117The Specialist€ 1.749.785327.9921994WB
118The Accountant€ 1.739.941209.7932016WB
119This Means War€ 1.738.650224.3392012WB
120Going in Style€ 1.738.189212.6362017WB
121Music and Lyrics€ 1.736.238240.2402007WB
122The Final Destination€ 1.724.167189.9392009WB
123The Bridges of Madison County€ 1.690.700299.3351995WB
124The Lego Ninjago Movie€ 1.682.112220.1912017WB
125Geostorm€ 1.668.610176.7282017WB
126Scooby-Doo€ 1.668.000314.0002002WB
127Hoe overleef ik...?€ 1.657.952244.1092008WB
128Due Date€ 1.654.771218.9982010WB
129San Andreas€ 1.632.289170.3862015WB
130Demolition Man€ 1.619.768294.1541994WB
131Crazy, Stupid, Love€ 1.607.114213.1302011WB
132The Intern€ 1.582.201192.4682015WB
133Sommersby€ 1.561.509289.6651993WB
134Swordfish€ 1.551.000231.0002001WB
135Collateral Beauty€ 1.543.399185.0692016WB
136Everything, Everything€ 1.500.486188.3872017WB
137Eraser€ 1.495.297256.4471996WB
138Pacific Rim€ 1.478.852151.8272013WB
139Wild Wild West€ 1.468.236259.8891999WB
140Tag€ 1.462.2792018WB
141Payback€ 1.459.928246.3221999WB
142A Perfect World€ 1.457.462244.3231993WB
143Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief€ 1.454.139193.3502010WB
144Project X€ 1.433.568182.9732012WB
145Storks€ 1.430.415189.6072016WB
146The Exorcist€ 1.412.838217.3051974WB
147A Perfect Murder€ 1.406.604240.1211998WB
148Marmaduke€ 1.361.233213.6312010WB
149Annabelle: Creation€ 1.356.638156.4992017WB
150Cats & Dogs (Als kat en hond)€ 1.351.000256.0002001WB


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