Distributeur: Warner Bros.

251Der kleine Eisbär (De kleine ijsbeer)€ 659.000121.0002003WB
252Meet Dave€ 657.000108.0002008WB
253Syriana€ 656.00093.0002006WB
254Gran Torino€ 652.00092.0002009WB
255Training Day€ 649.00095.0002002WB
256Proof of Life€ 633.00095.0002001WB
257Max Payne€ 626.00086.0002008WB
258Green Lantern€ 620.26272.1202011WB
259U.S. Marshals€ 616.234105.0001998WB
260The Prestige€ 613.00085.0002007WB
261Get Hard€ 611.50477.2512015WB
262Three to Tango€ 608.973103.0002000WB
263Copycat€ 605.0001996WB
264Run All Night€ 586.92674.8562015WB
265Romeo Must Die€ 569.04092.0002000WB
266Eight Legged Freaks€ 562.00088.0002002WB
267Hall Pass€ 561.41378.2232011WB
268Sphere€ 558.15099.0001998WB
269If I Stay€ 555.68185.6372014WB
270In the Heart of the Sea€ 550.08762.5552015WB
271District 9€ 540.00075.0002009WB
272Contagion€ 534.30173.0672011WB
273Fool's Gold€ 531.00072.0002008WB
274Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street€ 512.00070.0002008WB
275Predators€ 509.00068.0002010WB
276The Avengers€ 503.69684.0001998WB
277Catwoman€ 483.00068.0002004WB
278CHiPs€ 451.68757.8252017WB
279What a Girl Wants€ 447.00072.0002003WB
280Torque€ 441.00062.0002004WB
281Entourage€ 422.20651.9272015WB
282The Dukes of Hazzard€ 415.00062.0002005WB
283Looney Tunes: Back in Action€ 413.00067.0002003WB
284RocknRolla€ 410.00059.0002008WB
285Yu-Gi-Oh!€ 399.00067.0002004WB
286The Reaping€ 386.00052.0002007WB
287The Rite€ 373.52150.4732011WB
288Cradle 2 the Grave€ 369.00062.0002003WB
289The Brave One€ 368.00050.0002007WB
290Mystic River€ 367.00054.0002003WB
291Invictus€ 365.00050.0002010WB
292House of Wax€ 359.00054.0002005WB
293Kleine Teun€ 358.03369.0001998WB
294Star Wars: The Clone Wars€ 358.00064.0002008WB
295Zodiac€ 357.00049.0002007WB
296Anywhere But Home (Four Christmases)€ 355.00047.0002008WB
297Matchstick Men€ 353.00053.0002003WB
298Orphan€ 352.00048.0002009WB
299Teen Titans Go!: To the Movies€ 333.8422018WB
300The Judge€ 331.47044.2762014WB


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