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51The Social Network€ 1.200.611162.6982010SPR
52The Green Hornet€ 1.180.055127.5212011SPR
53The Pirates! Band of Misfits€ 1.134.286137.9192012SPR
54The Bounty Hunter€ 1.131.470147.3472010SPR
55Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse€ 1.119.943124.2602018SPR
56The Pursuit of Happyness€ 1.029.743141.4322007SPR
57Charlie's Angels€ 1.014.1802020SPR
58Just Go with It€ 989.567133.3842011SPR
59The Legend of Zorro€ 983.545140.5152005SPR
60Total Recall€ 966.782128.7102012SPR
61Call Me by Your Name€ 897.824110.2212018SPR
62Did You Hear About the Morgans?€ 884.267117.1572010SPR
63Memoirs of a Geisha€ 882.590124.2652006SPR
64The Possession of Hannah Grace€ 871.16296.1722018SPR
65The Vow€ 849.928110.7922012SPR
6621€ 796.000108.0002008SPR
67Surf's Up€ 776.000121.0002007SPR
68Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo€ 769.000111.0002005SPR
69Insidious: The Last Key€ 767.77684.1522018SPR
70You Don't Mess with the Zohan€ 758.000107.0002008SPR
71Jack and Jill€ 718.92294.9812012SPR
72The Grudge€ 714.0852020SPR
73Zookeeper€ 711.88796.6482011SPR
74Vantage Point€ 701.00097.0002008SPR
75Click€ 691.00097.0002006SPR
76Alpha€ 687.25372.5272018SPR
77Searching€ 660.97484.4282018SPR
78Burlesque€ 643.00057.0002010SPR
79Superbad€ 640.00088.0002007SPR
80Seven Pounds€ 589.00079.0002009SPR
81Carrie€ 585.66075.8772013SPR
82Perfect Stranger€ 585.00080.0002007SPR
83Slender Man€ 561.65262.6342018SPR
84The Back-Up Plan€ 541.00074.0002010SPR
85The Girl in the Spider's Web€ 527.28664.4422018SPR
86Evil Dead€ 510.75264.0732013SPR
87Hostel€ 487.00067.0002006SPR
88Made of Honor€ 474.00066.0002008SPR
89Fantasy Island€ 463.8662020SPR
90World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles€ 451.01260.8302011SPR
91Julie & Julia€ 418.00057.0002009SPR
92White Boy Rick€ 395.3402019SPR
93Zombieland: Double Tap€ 393.4492019SPR
94xXx: The Next Level (xXx: State of the Union)€ 390.00056.0002005SPR
95Monster House€ 384.00076.0002006SPR
96Arthur Christmas€ 371.97245.9802011SPR
97The Exorcism of Emily Rose€ 362.00052.0002005SPR
98The Other Guys€ 349.00049.0002010SPR
99The International€ 330.00047.0002009SPR
100Capote€ 317.00047.0002006SPR


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