Distributeur: Independent Films

251Machete Kills€ 147.48821.1932013IF
252Piedras (Stones)€ 146.00024.0002003IF
253Deception€ 138.00026.0002008IF
254Only the Brave€ 137.6772018IF
255Original Sin€ 136.00021.0002001IF
256I Could Never Be Your Woman€ 135.00019.0002007IF
257Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her€ 132.95822.0002000IF
258The Hurt Locker€ 131.00020.0002010IF
259Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker€ 130.00020.0002006IF
260Bandidas€ 122.00019.0002006IF
261Child 44€ 121.57216.5072015IF
262Ghost World€ 121.00021.0002002IF
263An Ideal Husband€ 120.70621.0002000IF
264The Assassination of Richard Nixon€ 120.00019.0002005IF
265Tarzan€ 119.79515.8112013IF
266Skyline€ 116.12717.6672011IF
267Nim's Island€ 116.00019.0002008IF
268The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet€ 114.65814.9112013IF
269Creep€ 114.00017.0002005IF
270Sabotage€ 104.99715.8362014IF
271Shoot 'Em Up€ 102.00016.0002007IF
272A Monster Calls€ 101.6852017IF
273Disco ormene (Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms)€ 98.00017.0002009IF
274The Jacket€ 96.00015.0002005IF
275The Hoax€ 90.00015.0002007IF
276Live!€ 86.00014.0002007IF
277Requiem for a Dream€ 85.00016.0002001IF
278Mr. Nobody€ 84.00013.0002010IF
279The World's Fastest Indian€ 82.00015.0002006IF
280Totally Spies€ 80.00013.0002009IF
281The Resident€ 77.00811.4492011IF
282The Upside of Anger€ 77.00015.0002005IF
283The Quiet Ones€ 75.20510.3562014IF
284The Legend of Bagger Vance€ 72.00014.0002001IF
285Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li€ 71.00012.0002009IF
286The Contender€ 70.00012.0002001IF
287Chasing Mavericks€ 68.48310.4852012IF
288The Frozen Ground€ 68.18710.6932013IF
289The Homesman€ 66.8239.1192014IF
290Astro Boy€ 65.00011.0002010IF
291Nueve reinas (Nine Queens)€ 64.00010.0002002IF
292Verborgen gebreken€ 58.0009.0002004IF
293The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada€ 57.0009.0002006IF
294Miss Sloane€ 56.4252017IF
295Pride and Prejudice and Zombies€ 52.6837.7402016IF
296À bras ouverts (With Open Arms)€ 48.4862017IF
297Schemer€ 48.0009.0002010IF
298The Company You Keep€ 47.9537.1542013IF
299Girl Most Likely€ 47.0196.4072013IF
300Het leven uit een dag€ 47.0009.0002009IF


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