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101Año bisiesto (Leap Year)€ 7.0001.000AMF
102Sidik en de panter€ 6.7942010AMF
103The Weight of Elephants€ 6.6211.0042020AMF
104Grande hotel€ 6.5951.0492014AMF
105Draken & Deuntjes€ 6.4419872011AMF
106The Happy Film€ 6.3739152017AMF
107Partes de una familia (Parts of a Family)€ 6.2748732017AMF
108Iztochni piesi (Eastern Plays)€ 6.0001.0002014AMF
109Slovenka (Slovenian Girl)€ 6.0001.0002010AMF
110A Heavy Heart (Herbert)€ 5.9889012010AMF
111Een dag in 't jaar€ 5.7821.0032016AMF
112Twarz (Mug)€ 5.7327662015AMF
113V.I.S.S.E.N.€ 5.4271.2062019AMF
114After the Tone€ 5.2057922012AMF
115Inventaris van het moederland€ 5.1228152014AMF
116Greencard Warriors€ 4.9231.0322013AMF
117White Shadow€ 4.8276682015AMF
118The State Against Mandela and the Others€ 4.5056102015AMF
119Drift€ 4.3817182018AMF
120Droom en Daad€ 4.3467652014AMF
121Het chimpansee complex€ 4.1686492012AMF
122La distancia (The Distance)€ 4.1016172014AMF
123Berliner Tagebuch€ 4.0405912015AMF
124Sügisball (Autumn Ball)€ 4.0001.0002012AMF
125Winterstilte€ 4.0001.0002009AMF
126Daymohk€ 3.9315372009AMF
127A Fool's Paradise€ 3.8864752019AMF
128Times Like Deese€ 3.8636332019AMF
129Master of the Universe (Der Banker: Master of the Universe)€ 3.5166422011AMF
130Violet€ 3.2444992014AMF
131Sol Le Witt€ 3.2055532014AMF
132Poetins Olympische droom€ 3.0034352012AMF
133Gevangenen van de grond€ 3.0002013AMF
134Singularidades de uma rapariga loura (Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired Girl)€ 3.0001.0002010AMF
135Dead Body Welcome€ 2.9674202010AMF
136Shado'man€ 2.7333792013AMF
137Above Us All€ 2.6625712014AMF
138The Prosecutor the Defender the Father and His Son€ 2.5304472014AMF
139An Impossibly Small Object€ 2.5104092016AMF
140Hoy como ayer€ 2.3423932019AMF
141O estranho caso de Angélica (The Strange Case of Angelica)€ 2.3144062011AMF
142I'm the Same, I'm an Other€ 1.9803282011AMF
143Sam samcat (All Alone)€ 1.9112692015AMF
144Wavumba€ 1.7732962018AMF
145Mama€ 1.6742772012AMF
146T'padashtun (Unwanted)€ 1.3291862011AMF
147Sexy Money€ 1.2282042017AMF
148Kriterion - sinds '45€ 1.1521962014AMF
149Mocros€ 1.1032992016AMF
150Between the Devil and the Deep€ 1.0812322011AMF


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