Distributeur: Amstelfilm

1Hross í oss (Of Horses and Men)€ 119.92516.1642015AMF
2Jheronimus Bosch - Touched by the Devil€ 114.30514.8492016AMF
3The Taking of Deborah Logan€ 102.41313.4162015AMF
4Les combattants (Love at First Fight)€ 72.9079.9352015AMF
5Nieuwe helden€ 57.5437.4172014AMF
6What We Did on Our Holiday€ 53.6467.3512015AMF
7Niet zonder jou€ 42.0796.3362011AMF
8Miele (Honey)€ 40.1786.0272014AMF
9Tony€ 38.4055.7582016AMF
10Donkeyote€ 37.5102017AMF
11900 dagen€ 36.2405.3222012AMF
12Ne me quitte pas€ 35.1724.8452013AMF
13Kongen av Bastøy (King of Devil's Island)€ 35.0445.4262011AMF
14Experimenter€ 33.0534.7742016AMF
15La tierra y la sombra (Land and Shade)€ 31.3644.2132016AMF
16Hier ben ik€ 27.4752017AMF
17Nord (North)€ 27.0004.0002009AMF
18Bellas mariposas (Pretty Butterflies)€ 26.2743.7652013AMF
19O'Horten€ 26.0004.0002009AMF
20Les premiers les derniers (The First, the Last)€ 25.6933.6442016AMF
21A ciambra€ 25.5862018AMF
22SuperClásico€ 25.2314.0062012AMF
23Mariage à Mendoza (Welcome to Argentina)€ 24.9533.6402013AMF
24Poupoupidou€ 24.3024.1162011AMF
25The Last Elvis€ 23.5823.4822013AMF
26Zarafa€ 23.3353.5532013AMF
27Tous les chats sont gris (All Cats Are Gray)€ 23.1723.3492016AMF
28Cheerful Weather for the Wedding€ 22.9923.5722013AMF
29Les chevaliers blancs (The White Knights)€ 22.8423.2652016AMF
30Heli€ 21.1372.9242014AMF
31Revanche€ 21.0003.0002009AMF
32Workers€ 20.3302.8022013AMF
33Rebelse stad - Provo en de onstuimige jaren zestig€ 20.3153.0562015AMF
34Perfect Horse€ 18.5572.3572015AMF
35Eshtebak (Clash)€ 18.5352.7172016AMF
36Elefante blanco (White Elephant)€ 17.5472.4812013AMF
37In Pursuit of Silence€ 17.1592.3242016AMF
38Darbareye Elly (About Elly)€ 17.0003.0002010AMF
39De missie€ 16.7532.3032016AMF
40Plemya (The Tribe)€ 16.6642.3432015AMF
41Fasle kargadan (Rhino Season)€ 16.2982.4612013AMF
42My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done€ 14.5932.3482011AMF
43Hokus pokus Albert Åberg (Hocus Pocus met Alfons Alfrink)€ 14.0732.2362014AMF
44Kak ya provyol etim letom (How I Ended This Summer)€ 13.6752.2642011AMF
45Unknown Brood€ 13.6491.8892016AMF
46(Untitled)€ 13.4442.3482011AMF
47Ni le ciel ni la terre (The Wakhan Front)€ 13.3001.8382015AMF
48Weemoed & wildernis€ 13.0002.0002010AMF
49600 millas (600 Miles)€ 12.5341.8112015AMF
50Illégal€ 12.5132.3122011AMF


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